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27 September 2009 National Finals at Santa Pod.

Broke a rear drive shaft whilst leading in the semi final and retired.

6 September 2009 ProStreet Drag Series at Shakespeare

Winner with 9.46 secs and 153.55 mph with Jeff back in the drivers seat. 
No video found unfortunately.

26 July 2009  Ten Of The Best.

Driven by the car's builder (Robbie Ward from NZ) the car was put in the Pro Class although it is a full weight Street Car.  Robbie managed to be runner up with a 9.46 second run and 156mph on the quarter mile. Robbie also hit 196mph on the 1km top speed run and just for the entertainment of the crowd he did a 1/4 mile burn out!  (See video section).

11 July 2009  Rotorstock at Santa Pod.

After 12 months of being out of racing due to an accident on the way home from Rotorstock in 2008 Jeff returned and won the event with a 9.86 secs  and 145 mph. (See video section).

10 August 2008  Rotorstock at Santa Pod.

Technical problems on the day gave poor results.

27 July 2008  Ten Of The Best.

Winner of the fastest 4wd 1/4 mile private entrant award with 10.42 secs and 144 mph. 

Fastest 1/4 mile car in Team Skyline. (See the video section)